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The Dutch Approach is a new initiative by some of the most experienced Dutch event organisers. We and our partners have been involved with events like WiSH Outdoor, Amsterdam Music Festival, The Flying Dutch, Tomorrowland and many others. With The Dutch Approach we want to inspire and help promoters all over the world to deliver the highest level of experience to their visitors.

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Our concepts are developed to provide the ultimate customer experience. We take care of everything, from A to Z. Let our experienced team do the heavy lifting, while you make a big impact in your local market!

Artwork & Style Guide
You only have one chance to make a first impression! The Dutch approach create artwork that fits the concept, has an impact on the target group and draws eyeballs! We will design artwork that meets these requirements and deliver designs for posters, flyers, social media, bussinescards and so on.
Storyline & Moodboard
The storylines of our concepts are written by the most creative people from the scene. Our storytellers will complete their stories with a storyboard and moodboard.
Stage Design, Sketch & Full 3D Design
Unique event experiences are created by the perfect combination of music, stage- and showdesign. Our concepts include the original handmade sketch as well as the the full 3D drawing. Sizes and measurements can be adjusted to your own wishes.